Marketing is overrated.  

Rather than focusing solely on statistics - we focus on human intuition, behavior, and reactions.  We look at the basic foundation of choices - the logic behind the decisions, the psychology that generated that logic, and the background that nurtured that psychology at the root of it all.  When you dig deep enough, you'll find that people - and not smartphones / computers / other technology - are what makes for success or a lack thereof. 

Whether structuring a marketing campaign for a Fortune 500 company, scripting a commercial for a small business, or considering graphic design options for an artist's album cover - our focus has always been on making an IMPACT.  Our theory is that when you make an impact or carve out a unique presence that self-propels its own existence - the rest will always fall in place.

Because people are our focus, we run a tight ship internally - working only with people who are great at what they do; some of whom are the best in the world at what they do.  

We still believe in development people and concepts, and in rehashing until we achieve perfection.  Our music division, Sound Business Recordings, promotes formal education in honing creative skills - as well as an understanding of business practices to help make a well-rounded entertainment professional.  Our marketing arm, S.O.T.C. Multimedia Group, helps brands to see beyond the hype of celebrity - strategies like leveraging social media or events to connect the dots on a product placement or other highly influential happening.  Our video production group, Cinegod Corporation, talks clients through the over-reaching concept as well as the detailed shots - to insure both macro and micro pictures will be absorbed by audiences.  

We pursue greatness.  We are selective with who we work with.  We want the best for our clients and associates, because when it's all said and done, everyone that comes in contact with us - is a representation of us.  

We approach every day with the notion that we're only as good as our last hit... even when many times - our last hit was heard around the world.