S.C.S. Partners originated from humble beginnings in 2007:  two air-beds and a fold-out table in a 1-bedroom apartment.  

Nurtured by big dreams and beautiful south Florida weather - the organization grew on the strength of hard work, fulfilling promises, and delivering on the occasional miracle when necessary!

We think of our organization and the separate companies that make it up - S.O.T.C. Multimedia Group, Cinegod Corporation, and Sound Business Recordings - as a close-knit group that not only finds a way to get things done, but that also provides our clients, partners, and staff with the type of attention that only a family environment can provide.  

Since then, we've added QPED Life, QPED Promo, and Celebrity Standard Consulting to the family.  

We really do love what we do, so our work becomes our passion, and our passion becomes our lives - so when we work together, YOU too become a part of our lives.

A couple facts about us:

  • We've created campaigns and fantastic highlights for all types of interesting brands and products in consumer, technology, luxury, entertainment, non-profit, and other categories.  
  • We've worked on over 100 Film, Television, or Music-related projects (and counting!) 
  • Most of our time is spent with some of the most creative and innovative people in the world
  • We've always worked only with brands, artists, or people we WANT to work with, or that we believe in
  • We do what we do - because we love impacting people's lives in an entertaining and resonating way!