Cinegod Corporation specializes in 360-degree execution of video production, from scripting and conceptualizing - to filming, editing, and packaging the final product.  With in-house equipment and up-to-date technology - from cameras, lighting, sound, stage, and more - to world-class talent behind and around the camera - we insure your project is a professional and IMPACT-making piece of work.  


With the increased frequency of Internet use, social media engagement, and mobile device use, it has become imperative for any person or company looking increase awareness and to get their messaging out - to have high-quality media readily available to share and/or for people to discover.  Videos, images, and designs are being shared and consumed at the highest rate in history, and Cinegod Corporation provides all the qualities to set you apart from the competition.  We are advocates of making impressions on EVERY occasion, following the old-fashioned sentiment that "if we've put our name on it, we've put our name behind it".  

Our company capabilities include:

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  • Video consulting and production
    • Corporate videos
    • Commercials
    • Documentaries
    • Electronic Press Kits
    • Event Coverage
    • Music Videos
    • Short Films
    • Webisodes
    • Wedding / Bar Mitzvah Videos
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design

Video Consulting and Production

From creative direction, scripting, and casting - to filming, editing, animation, and packaging - Cinegod Corporation offers scalable options to fit your needs:

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Corporate Videos

Internal company videos, electronic press kits, media for trade shows / meetings 


From national commercial spots - to hospitals and government offices - to local doctor's / attorney's / insurance offices and small businesses, and everything in between

* - Can be made for Television broadcast use or for online focus


See "Short Films" (below)

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Electronic Press Kits

For musicians / singers / rappers, actors/actresses, product launches, conferences, or simply the next level of resume

Event Coverage

Indoor / outdoor events (Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, wedding proposals, anniversaries, holidays, family get-togethers, tradeshows, nightclubs, pool parties, etc.), corporate events, performances

Music Videos

For up and comers to established acts, and everything in between

Short Films

For professional use (film festivals, documentaries, webisodes etc) or personal use (fun videos for weddings, special events).  We handle on-location, green screen, or a combination of both

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See "Short Films" (above)

Wedding / Bar Mitzvah Videos

See "Event Coverage" (above)


We handle all aspects of the photo shoot, from creative direction, hair and make-up, locations, lighting - to touch-ups and graphic design

Graphic Design

Website graphics, album artwork, press packets, professional presentations, enhancement or special effects on static images, new business demos, and much more.

For more details on our services, associated costs, or any other questions - please Contact Us.