Sound Business Recordings is a boutique record label specializing in every aspect of the music business - ranging from Artist development and creative production of a project - to packaging, distributing, managing, and marketing the product.  Our job as an organization is to create addictive, cutting-edge, purpose-driven content - then to make sure the entire world sees & hears it clearly.  

Kat Lane performing for 10,000 fans at a recent event

Kat Lane performing for 10,000 fans at a recent event


We approach each Artist as their own force and identity, making the possibilities for creation - absolutely infinite.  We pride ourselves in being able to expound on each Artist's talents and creativity, providing insight and direction, and working to insure an Artist's efforts become reality. 

Our capabilities span across all things creative - conceptualizing, imaging, writing, instrumentals/production, arrangement, mixing, mastering, graphic design, music videos, placement of music, and more.  

In addition, we offer management services to select Artists and DJ's looking to grow their name and brand to a global stature.  

Alicia Keys / Beyonce music video featuring Snow Queen Vodka

Alicia Keys / Beyonce music video featuring Snow Queen Vodka


For corporate clients, we help to marry brand imagery, messaging, and character - with music that provokes and enhances the emotion or thought that brand or product aims to deliver.  

Our reach in the world of music spans from A-list megastars like Beyonce and Alicia Keys - to well-known niche-market acts like Steve Aoki and Kendrick Lamar - to promising new acts like Electric Guest, Aloe Blacc, and everything in between.  When matching brands and Artists, we compare not only quantitative data such as demographics & geographic strongholds - but also qualitative factors such as public image, past and present lyrics, current personal matters that may enhance or hinder the Artist, and any other factors that would play into the partnership.  

In an ever-evolving entertainment landscape, it is becoming more and more important to create authentic partnerships between brands and Talent.  From tactical appearances at trade show events to being written into the lyrics of the next hit single - Sound Business Recordings ties together all the components!


Our capabilities include:

  • Artist Management and Bookings
  • Brand partnerships and Endorsements 
  • Creative direction
  • Music production (creation, mixing, mastering)
  • Music packaging and distribution
  • Music Video development
  • Music placement (films, television shows)


Artist Management and Bookings

From booking progressively bigger gigs - to negotiating higher fees for your current endeavors - we help DJ's and other musical Talent to maximize their potential.  

Brand Partnerships and Endorsements

Leveraging our sister company, SOTC Multimedia Group's corporate relationships, we help to find brands that can underwrite promotional objectives - while creatively helping the brand to drive home their messaging via the same partnership.

Creative Direction

Sometimes a second perspective is the only thing standing between an Artist and their future success.  We provide direction on A&R, songwriting, production, packaging, imaging, promotions, and more.  


Music production (creation, mixing, mastering)

Creating the right sound to compliment an Artist's voice or talent - is the key to longevity in the music business, because it creates a sense of authenticity.  From concept to packaging, Sound Business Recordings has a multiple-Grammy award winning team of producers and mixing and mastering engineers on call for all projects.  

Music packaging and distribution  

Fans can't purchase your music unless you know how to get it to them.  From iTunes and Amazon MP3 to Spotify and eMusic, we stay on top of trends and the best ways to deliver our music to the world.

Music Video development

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Leveraging our sister company, Cinegod Corporation's resources, we secure all angles - including: creative development of the treatment, costumes, locations, shot lists, casting, filming/lighting/sound, editing, and the final product. 

Music Placement (films, television shows)

In the case of recording Artists and DJ-producers, once the music is recorded, Sound Business has relationships to get placements in major Films, network television shows, TV commercials, and much more.  

For more details on our services, associated costs, or any other questions - please Contact Us.