Presenting common items in an uncanny way

Clients:  Case-Mate (phone case), Layer Cake (wine), Stonyfield Farm (dairy products)

SOTC Multimedia Group’s success in consumer goods stretches from beer to edibles, contraceptives to phone cases.  

When Stonyfield Farm approached us, they were looking to take a somewhat conservative brand image – and push into something more contemporary.  The brand’s packaging was in the process of being redone, so they needed something that would impact 6-10 months in the future.  SOTC Multimedia Group found a film project that fit the bill, at the time it was called “Five Killers”, starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.  The story was about an overly cautious Jen (Heigl), who falls in love with Spencer (Kutcher) – an ex-hitman who is looking to reform his life.  The mixture of safe and edgy seemed a perfect middle ground for Stonyfield; we placed the brand’s prototype milk product in a climactic scene in which Spencer first finds out his best friend is another hitman out to get him.  Social media engagement increased 200+% during the week of the film's release.

When the brand Case-Mate complained they wanted to target a 13-25 age range with more specific demographics, but it’s difficult to do so because of the brand’s small logo – SOTC Multimedia Group found a solution in coordinating a close-up with teen superstar Selena Gomez in the film “Spring Breakers”.  Upon the film's release, Case-Mate phone-case sales increased nearly 35% in month 1, and another 23% in month 2.  Reactions were so positive that Case-Mate soon afterward partnered with Selena on an official endorsement deal.  

Close-up of Case-Mate phone accessory with Selena Gomez in the film  Spring Breakers

Close-up of Case-Mate phone accessory with Selena Gomez in the film Spring Breakers

In the Showtime series “The Big C”, Laura Linney plays a mid-thirties woman who has just found out she has terminal cancer, and starts doing all the things she refrained from doing over the years.  She hated that she was uptight while her ex-husband would easily solve problems, such as when he spilled wine on their couch – he simply flipped over the seat cushions, and no more problem!  Here is a scene in which Linney’s character finally gathers the nerve to live and let go – a memorable scene featuring our client Layer Cake wine: