Sean DeLima - writing / producing credits

Sean writes and produces all of Bonn E Maiy's material as well as others, has had multiple songs on the radio in south Florida and other markets (light play, but on major public radio stations).  He writes songs in a matter of minutes, and this spans across multiple genres (pop, country, hiphop/rap, r&b, electronic/dance, Spanglish, probably more)

Here is a listing of the songs he's been involved with, we also have 2 albums of new Bonn E Maiy material that will be ready by mid-May:

Bonn E Maiy


    - "Chasing Dragons" and "Run It" blend jazz, electronic, trap, opera, Broadway musicals and more


    - "Maiyday" and "Sex and Candy" played on WSFS

Live versions of new songs (studio recordings coming soon)

-    ("Uphill") 

-   ("Love Choices")

-   (0:55 - "Good Live On", 2:22 - "Love Choices")

-    ("These Shoelaces")

-   ("Uphill", "Good Live One", "These Shoelaces")

Annie Rozjman (16yr old Rabbi's daughter, listen to the lyrics)


Kat Lane (DJ and pop/dance singer)

-  (200k views, played on WHYI, Philly, Alabama, other markets)

-  (song for clothing line, raps in 2nd verse)

- (KEY SONGS: "Love's Cold Kiss", "Roleplay", "Rollercoaster Love")