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Client: SUPRA (footwear and apparel)

Supra is a forward-thinking sneaker and apparel brand with deep history in the skateboard demographic, as well as the Urban demographic.  With collaborations ranging from professional skaters like Tom Penny and Erik Ellington – to music acts like Steve Aoki, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne – Supra was well-versed in the art of finding true artists.  When the opportunity to partner with cutting-edge director Harmony Korine’s new film “Spring Breakers” surfaced, the brand wanted to do something different and landmark. 

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SOTC Multimedia Group leveraged our internal network to have the film’s driving force, James Franco, wear the now-iconic red Supra Skytop 3 and white Supra hightop sneakers on-screen throughout the film.  Additionally, a conversation was facilitated between Harmony Korine and Supra executives & creatives, with regards to additional collaboration and earned media possibilities surrounding the film. 

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Supra sponsored the premiere of “Spring Breakers”, gaining awareness through the red carpet’s step n repeat, and supporting press.   Alongside, SOTC Multimedia Group facilitated the positioning of an iconic Spring Breakers press image featuring Supra – which was picked up by Rolling Stone magazine, and became a Full page article, garnering millions of impressions.

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Upon the release of the film, Supra launched a limited edition sneaker called the “Donavyn”, that garnered over 40 Million media impressions via pickups from sites like style.mtv.com, kicksonfire.com, highsnobiety.com, sneakernews.com, and many others.  The sneaker was custom designed by Harmony Korine, and along with Supra – were sent to select tastemakers like Justin Bieber, who wore them on the red carpet – furthering the branding of our campaign. 

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The film also starred Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson (of the show Pretty Little Liars) – one of reasons SOTC Multimedia Group decided to take on the project was the savvy casting and marketing involved.


The film and surrounding promotions garnered over 100 Million impressions.  Supra saw a 218% month-over-month increase in sales of their footwear during the month of the film's release.