Congratulations - if you've been invited to this page, you have taken the first step towards what could be the next phase in your career.  Our organization believes in people of action - so we've created this platform for those who let their work and work ethic speak for itself.  

We are launching a new apparel line called qpED Life ("cupid life") - that focuses on imagery and messaging that urges people to "say what you mean", to "be true to yourself", and to "follow your dreams".  These mantras have helped us find success in our own lives - and we want to spread the pillars of this mantra:  Question everything, Positive thinking, Education, Do the right thing.  

If you see yourself as a visionary, as someone who can push the limits of creativity and combine great original graphic work with a positive message - follow the steps BELOW to get started.  

Click HERE to watch our company reel (you'll like it!).



1)  Click to download our logo HERE (right click/save file)

2)  Create an original work of art - using our logo - that can be placed on a t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie.  No boundaries or restrictions, be as creative as you'd like - be original!  We prefer the file to be created in VECTOR format, but this is not required.

Men's -- 11" wide by proportional height 

Women's -- 7" wide by proportional height 

3)  Upload a flattened, JPEG file of your work to www.tinypic.com (or similar hosting site) by FRIDAY, APRIL 10th.

Minimum resolution:  300 dpi 

Email a link to file to:  work@qpedlife.com 

- Include the following in the subject line:  "qpED Artwork Submission"

4)  Feel free to submit multiple entries - our team will review ALL entries to choose the best fits for our line.  

5)  If your design is chosen, we will send an agreement to purchase the design at a flat rate of $25 - $150 USD.  

6)  Once paperwork is signed & returned, Designer will submit .PSD or .AI files, after which we will submit payment.  

[NOTE]:  Our organization is looking to establish a regular working relationship with the graphic designers we bring on to the team, after this initial round of work, we will be looking to hire on a consistent basis at $20 per hour.  Full time positions will be considered as well.  

Some of our current graphic work is below, we look forward to reviewing your work.  Good luck!


qpED Life - StatueOfLiberty / Copyright (2015)




qpED Life - Stereo / Copyright (2015)