Original Art created for Echad by Sean DeLima

Original Art created for Echad by Sean DeLima

Overview of echad


We must be willing to stand outside, if we care enough to welcome those unaware of our invitation to come in! 

Welcome!  Echad is a lifestyle network rooted in Jewish identity, that focuses primarily on young adults (millennials and the iGeneration) by providing interesting, educational, and action-based initiatives to better our communities.  Echad is also welcoming of old and young, men and women, all working together with ONE vision created by many eyes.

The word "Echad" is the Hebrew transliteration of the word "One", and is also an acronym for "Everyone Can Help Anyone Daily".  This independent platform is inspired by, and linked with Rabbi Mario Rojzman at Beth Torah Benny Rok campus in North Miami Beach, FL.  Our network is rooted in Jewish values, and was born from the urge to contribute to the sustainability of our community and our culture.  Our necessity-based initiatives are a reflection of the young Jewish voices that aspire to see change in the nature of their engagement, and we are confident that our will to provide a 'listen and react' pathway to progression will be well received.

Echad is being set up as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization.  We are currently raising funds to launch and grow the network & initiatives via an all-star team of influencers, business leaders, and other members of the community.  The following links will teach you more about Echad, the people already involved, and how YOU can get involved.  We hope to see you at our upcoming events and initiatives, and are counting on your support, care, and generosity.  Our efforts are are not limited to just one - but rather everyone - so no matter what stream of Judaism you follow, or if you're simply a supportive non-Jewish friend, your action in social consciousness is greatly appreciated!



What does echad mean to you?