Deliver brand messaging in a fun and effective way

Cinegod Corporation specializes in taking the essence of a brand or campaign and translating it in terms easily and readily absorbed by a target audience.  Because of our close ties with the film and music industries and top creative people around the world, we have access to all the tools necessary to visualize, execute, and polish audio/visual work.

Here's some of our recent work: 

Mood-board for It Tastes Raaw juices

Mood-board for It Tastes Raaw juices


In addition to handling corporate ventures, Cinegod Corporation works with various artistic talent on a frequent basis.  In the case of Miami recording artist and DJ, Kat Lane, the music, lyrics, and energy behind the movement made it a no-brainer in getting involved.  Kat’s musical influences range from Elvis Presley to Pink, Diana Ross, and more; for her video “Miami in the Summer”, we wanted to convey a mixture of these essences alongside the energy of day and night in south Florida.