ANNIE ROJZMAN - "Oh Argentina"

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  1. Annie Rojzman is a 15 yr old Argentinian-American singer living in Miami. Was 2months old when family left Argentina due to bombings by racists. 
  2. Theme of song focuses on RESILIENCE and GOOD NATURE of immigrants seeking a better life in America.  
  3. Song is called "Oh Argentina" - names Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Chile - and represents ALL immigrants.
  4. We're partnered with Young Center, a non-profit human rights org that advocates the rights & best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children.
  5. #IAmANNIE campaign:  ANNIE = Another Needed Naturalized Immigrant Excelling.  Click HERE for more info


  • "Oh Argentina" mirrors conversations happening daily in south Florida + nationally.  This topic has been branded for 18+ months by the media.  
  • 80% of Americans think Dreamers should be allowed to stay & work toward citizenship.  Could easily translate into Entercom stations in NY, CA, TX where support is almost unanimous.
  • Song is 95% English, 5% Spanish - perfect for this generation of Latinos (English as first language)
  • We have commitments from various celebs to support:  CLICK HERE for our company's history in Film/TV/Music


  • This song will UNITE Latinos - on-brand for Power 96 - and will make Power "MY hometown station" (LOYALTY to station)
  • This is what WPOW did with Pitbull, and what WEDR did with Rick Ross / DJ Khaled.  We saw this first-hand and were close to the action

This song will ACTIVATE & UNITE south Florida - WPOW would have sparked it.  This isn't a song - it's a MOVEMENT, it's organic to south Florida's large Latin community, and it's organic to Power 96!



Debut single from Annie Rojzman!

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